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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Physics Teaching Committee Agenda


Monday 1st July 2002 09:30 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 01-02/6
  2. Matters arising from Staff-Student Consultative Committee meeting (JRW) 
  3. Report of Later Years Working Party 
    • Preliminary discussion of lecturers in IB for 2003-04 (JRW)
  4. Report from Supervisors' Meeting (JRW) 
  5. Proposal for change in rubric for 1B Advanced Physics 
  6. The Physics Course Handbook (MPH
  7. Teaching duties 
    • Lectures, practicals and examples classes (JRW)
    • Request from Dr Ellis (JRW)
  8. Organisation of the Teaching Committee (JRW) 
    • Allocations of Jobs
    • Timing of joining of new members
    • The teaching office
    • Databases
    • Other teaching issues raised by David Peet
  9. Consideration of appeal to proceed to Part III (RJN)
  10. Consideration of revised syllabuses for 2002-3 
  11. Arrangments for start of term (JRW) 
    • Organisation of Registration sessions
  12. Brief Items
    • Payment for Literature Review supervision (JRW)
  13. AOB 
    • Date of next TC meeting(s)