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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Monday 23rd April 2001: 09:30 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 00-01/5 (already circulated)
    • TC membership and duties(JRW).
    • New posts in Classes and Teaching Office
    • Possible changes to IB (advanced) and IB (single)
    • Education option (JRW).
    • Long Vac project vivas (JRW).
    • Consultative Committee minutes.
  2. Supervisions
    Lent 2001 report from Dr Marseglia
  3. Teaching Changes for next year
    (JRW to report), expecially concerning Minor Options
  4. Classes and Examining 2001/2
    First attempt to assign tasks.
  5. Part IA Review
    Report on recent progress (JRW/MSL).
  6. MIT collaboration (JRW/MSL)
  7. Minor matters 
    • External Graduate Lectures (TCM)
    • Tripos papers on the web?
    • Erasmus students (DRW)
    • Reports on Transferable Skills and Supervision Reports (JRW).
  8. AOB
    Date of next TC meeting(s)
    Date of supervisors' and examination review meetings