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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Monday 28th May 2001: 09:30 - Mott Seminar Room

*** Note unusual venue ***

  1. MMA of 00-01/6 (already circulated)
    • TC membership and duties(JRW).
    • Possible changes to IB (advanced) and IB (single)
    • Education option (JRW).
    • Long Vac project vivas (JRW).
    • Consultative Committee minutes (Lent 2001).
    • MIT Collaboration.
    • Tripos papers on the web.
  2. Consultative Committee
    Matters raised at the Easter 2001 meeting.
  3. Teaching Changes for next year
    Final decisions? Draft lecture list attached for comments.
  4. Classes and Examining 2001/2
    Assign tasks, based on first look at last meeting.
  5. Course Handbook 2001/2
    Status report (CJBF).
  6. Part IA Review
    Report on recent progress (JRW/MSL).
  7. Minor matters 
    • Discussion leaders for Exams meeting.
    • Form and Conduct Notices - new procedures
    • Cooperation vs Cheating notice - in need of revision?
    • LTSN meetings
    • Undergraduate Prospectus
    • Student Complaints
  8. AOB
    Date of next TC meeting(s)