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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Departmental Supervisions

Supervisions are organised by college Directors of Studies for Parts IA and IB, and by the Department (on the colleges' behalf) for Parts II and III (and, where asked, for the Part IB Physics B "Mathematical Methods" course for those not also taking Maths for NST). Supervisions in Part II will normally be in groups of three, while supervisions in Part III may be in larger groups. Supervisors for all parts of the tripos report on student's progress directly to the colleges via the CamCORS on-line reporting system, and claim payment from the colleges in the same way.

Students are normally expected to attend every supervision which has been arranged, as a courtesy to the supervisor as well as in order to benefit their own studies. Supervisors are entitled to claim from the students' colleges for supervisions which have been missed without good reason or adequate notice. Students should expect to be asked to hand in work for each supervision, in sufficient time for the supervisor to look through the work and identify any potential problems.

If for any reason students don't "hit it off" with any supervisor, it may be possible to arrange to move to another. This can only be done through the College Director of Studies. In the case of supervisions organised by the Department, if there appears to be a good case she or he should contact the departmental supervisions coordinator to see if such a move is possible (a shortage of supervisors means it sometimes isn't).

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