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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Three or more Major Option Papers:

These are taken at the beginning of the Lent Term (2 hours each). Students taking the Part III Mathematics course "Quantum Field Theory" sit this paper in June, with the Mathematicians, and may take only two Major Option papers in Lent if they so choose.

Three or more Minor Option Papers:

These are taken at the beginning of the Easter Term (1.5 hours each). You are examined in three Minor Options unless you have substituted the Advanced Quantum Field Theory or Galaxies courses from Part III Mathematics, one or more of the Interdisciplinary papers, the papers in Nuclear Power Engineering or Nuclear Materials, and/or units of Further Work, in which case you will only be examined in the remaining options.

Students taking Nuclear Power Engineering and/or Nuclear Materials sit the same exams as taken by the Part IIB Engineers. These are also taken at the start of the Easter Term, and are 1.5 hours each, The Interdisciplinary papers are currently one hour each (although this may change) and are taken at the end of Easter Term.

General Physics Paper:

This is taken towards the end of the Easter Term (3 hours).

We do not expect any student to take more than the minimum number of Major or Minor options. Only the best three of each will be used to establish the Class. However, marks for all papers taken will appear on the transcript.