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Strategy Working Group Mandate

Cavendish Strategy Working Group



By consulting widely across all Faculty members in the Department, the Strategy Working Group is charged with the responsibility of developing a strategic road map that charts potential future investment and development within the Laboratory. The road map should articulate a broad range of options, with a clear and reasoned indication of priorities.


Appointment and Reporting

The Strategy Working Group is appointed by the Cavendish Board for one annual strategy exercise, starting at the annual Strategy Forum. Members may be reappointed for further rounds. The Group reports to the Cavendish Board, which receives a written report and presentation of the recommendations of the Group as a standing item at each meeting. The Cavendish Board will instruct the International Advisory Board to consider the Working Group report to inform their own independent guidance and advise the Head of Department on the strategic development of the Laboratory and potential areas for future investment. Alongside the recommendations of the Strategy Working Group and the IAB, the Cavendish Board will also take into account other matters, such as available resources, before making its own recommendations. Written reports will be made available to all Faculty via the website.



The membership of the Strategy Working Group will consist of at least one faculty staff member from each current Departmental research theme. The membership should consist, as far as is possible, of more recently-appointed staff members, including a balanced mix of experimental, theoretical and computational expertise from across the Laboratory. The Cavendish Board may choose to appoint up to two additional members should it feel that further expertise is required to cover all aspects of the task. The Departmental Administrator will act as Secretary to the Group.



The Strategy Working Group should aim to contact all Faculty, who should further consult their teams. The Group may obtain its information in any way it sees fit, to encourage open discussion. This might include, but is not limited to, organising open meetings, questionnaires, targeted discussions and taking part in staff meetings. Evolving matters of consideration and metrics to assist in evidence based decision making of the group should be made available to the staff via a website An interim report of the Working Group shall be tabled for discussion at a dedicated All Faculty meeting, after which a final report should be drawn up to include Faculty considerations and justifications for recommendations in terms of the strategic importance of the research, the fit to the Department and the University, and the national and international context.



The Working Group will be appointed at the time of the annual Strategy Forum (generally in the spring), and formally report to the Cavendish Board by the start of the academic year. The IAB will meet in the autumn or winter to consider the report and any additional information from the Cavendish Board discussions.