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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

The Quantum Design cryogen-free Magnetic Property Measurement System (MPMS) has an operational temperature range of 1.8 - 400 K, 7 Tesla superconducting magnet, and modules for the application of multiple external fields, including: magnetic, electric, mechanical, thermal, and optical. 

The system has a magnetic moment sensitivity of better than 10-8 emu and enables detailed, long-duration measurements and testing of magnetic phenomena in materials and devices that exhibit a strong coupling between their magnetic and electronic/thermal/optical properties.

The MPMS consists of the following modules: (1) Custom-designed electronic transport probe with a 5-axis sample holder with 2-point and 4-point electrical connections for magnetoelectric and magnetoresistive measurements; (2) High pressure cell for pressure-magnetism coupled measurements of bulk crystals, powders, thin-films and devices; (3) Magneto-optical module for illuminating samples with a range of wavelengths for measuring photo-induced magnetisation phenomena across a wide range of temperatures and applied magnetic fields; (4) Oven for measuring high temperature properties up to 1000K, which is particularly important for studying phase transitions in multicaloric materials that operate above room temperature.