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Preliminary works begin on the Cavendish 3 site

last modified Jun 24, 2020 07:29 PM
As part of the verification of technical aspects of the design of Cavendish III, two large concrete slabs have this week been cast on the site of the new building. The area depicted will ultimately form the base of the cycle storage under the raised plaza.

Concrete Progress

Profs Andy Parker and Richard Phillips are shown looking in the direction of what will become the new entrance to the laboratory, with the steel reinforcement of the 1 metre thick slab in the background. The extent of this slab is shown in the 180 degree panorama, with Laboratory Superintendent Peter Norman (right) surveying the works as the concrete is pumped in. Another, 2 metre-thick slab is also being cast in order to verify the vibration performance in a key area of the site.

Rebar Panorama

The commencement of the full building programme is scheduled for later in 2018.