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We've Misplaced 96% of the Universe - Cavendish PhD student gives TEDxLondonWomen talk

PhD student Claire Malone, in her final year of her PhD in the High Energy Physics group, was recently invited to give a talk as part of the TEDxLondonWomen series.

Her talk takes us on her journey to find the missing dark matter and dark energy that make up 96% of the universe around us.

To watch the talk on YouTube here

Claire is in her final year of her PhD in the High Energy Physics group, using data from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN to search for evidence of new particles to complete our model of particle interactions, the Standard Model.

Throughout her career, Claire has developed techniques to help her navigate her physical working environment through the restrictions of her cerebral palsy. She believes this ability to adapt has given her insights that help her find new and creative solutions - in learning to operate in a physics lab despite the drawbacks of her physical disability, she gained a whole new way to look at the universe and face down its most fundamental challenges.

Drawing an analogy between her personal experience and her research, Claire talks about the "Standard Model" that physicists use to predict strange new subatomic particles and decide where to look for them...and how it still can't quite solve the mystery of where most of the universe has disappeared to.

More information about the High Energy Physics group is available on the High Energy Physics website.