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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory
From our photo archives: Professor Tony Hewish constructing a radio telescope array.

We are sad to learn of the death of Professor Antony (Tony) Hewish on 13 September 2021, aged 97.

With his student Jocelyn Bell (Burnell), Hewish played a fundamental role in the discovery of pulsars and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for this discovery, together with fellow radio-astronomer Martin Ryle who was honoured for his development of the techniques of Earth-rotation aperture synthesis.

A fuller appreciation of Hewish’s major contributions to radio astronomy, written by Malcolm Longair (Jacksonian Professor Emeritus of Natural Philosophy and Director of Development at the Cavendish Laboratory), has just been published in the journal Nature and can be viewed here: Antony Hewish (1924–2021) (

Photos: Cavendish Photo Archives