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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory
Isaac Physics offering to provide FREE GCSE Physics workbooks to 8000 students

Isaac Physics is offering to provide FREE GCSE Physics workbooks to 8000 students who have difficulty accessing online resources.  These 182 page books, which contain notes, worked examples and practice questions, are normally sold for £1 + P&P but this University of Cambridge project will provide them for free and pay the postage required for students to receive them at their homes.  

The workbooks cover core topics in GCSE syllabuses (AQA, EdExcel, OCR A & B, Eduqas, WJEC, CIE IGCSE).  

Students or their teachers and supporters (such as family members or community leaders) can request one of these books at the following link. 

Any student is eligible to apply, but the 8000 free copies will be prioritised for students who live in one of the Department for Education’s opportunity areas which are listed at the link above.

Teachers may also use the link above to order a box of free books for their school to use in the classroom and for homework.

Isaac Physics is funded by the Department for Education England & The Ogden Trust.  The funding for these free books is provided in collaboration with a generous benefactor to the Cavendish Laboratory: physics teacher and teacher trainer, Brenda Jennison.