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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

How do you express Physics through your research at the Cavendish? What does it look like? If you would like to express your research at the Cavendish through photos, moving images or videos - then the Cavendish Photography Competition is here.

The theme for this round of competition is – Cavendish Research Stories.

The competition is open to all Department staff, researchers and students. Below are the details of the prizes –

  • Head of Department cash prize of £300

  • 1st prize – One winner will get £100 Amazon Voucher 

  • 2nd prize – Two winners will get £50 Amazon Voucher each

  • 3rd prize – Three winners will get £25 Amazon Voucher each


More about the theme and the competition

Every research has a visual story. We invite you to document these research stories through still, moving images and/or videos. Each story submission can have 1 to 3 images/moving image/videos. The stories should be original, beautiful, curious, aesthetically pleasing and intriguing.  

The winning Cavendish Research Stories will feature on the Department and University websites, newsletter (print and online), electronic screens, posters, social media and more. Further the winning research stories may also be released in media for coverage.

A very high proportion of the entries will be used in a web gallery, social media, the department website, different Cavendish Facilities and in our new home - the Ray Dolby Centre.

All the Cavendish visual stories used will be given due credits.

The competition entry rules are as follows:

  1. The deadline for the entries is November 30, 2022.
  2. Photographs must be submitted by email to
  3. Videos can be sent using a free, large, file transfer service such as Dropbox.
  4. The entrant must include the following statement in the text of the email: I have checked with my manager/supervisor/DoS __________________ that I have permission to enter the attached photograph(s)/video(s) in the competition and give the Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Physics the right to publish the photograph(s)/videos(s) on its website and elsewhere.
  5. The participant must also provide:
    1. A title for their Research Story
    2. Description of the overall story (if more than 1 photo/moving image/video is being submitted) as well as description for each individual photograph/moving image/video, noting whether the photograph is a composite of several images or has been enhanced in any way.
    3. Any due acknowledgements.
  6. More guidelines on the entries:
    1. Ideally, photographs should be of good print quality, but if it is available only as a web quality image then please still enter.
    2. Please note in this round of competition we are seeking only visual research stories.
    3. There is no limit to the number of entries. If you are not certain whether your photograph/video will win or you are trying to choose between several possible entries, then please just enter them all and let the judges decide.


Image Credit: WikiImages from Pixabay