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Cavendish PhD student Theo Lundberg awarded prestigious IBM PhD Fellowship

last modified Apr 17, 2020 09:58 AM

Theo Lundberg, a PhD student in the Optoelectronics Group of the Cavendish has been awarded a prestigious IBM PhD Fellowship. The Fellowship will support Theo's doctoral research on the implementation of spin-based qubits in silicon devices that are fabricated with techniques compatible with today’s large-scale semiconductor industry. Specifically, his studies during the fellowship will focus on how to drive spin rotations of electrons in electrostatically defined quantum dots in these devices, as this is a requirement for writing quantum information to the qubit.

The IBM PhD Fellowships are awarded worldwide and each fellowship includes a stipend for two academic years. All IBM PhD Fellowship awardees will be mentored by an IBMer in order to collaborate on a research or technology project for the duration of the award period and are strongly encouraged to do an internship during the first or second year of their award.