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Cavendish Arts Science

A new initiative created by the Cavendish Arts Science programme at the University of Cambridge is welcoming applications from artists across the globe.

The first Cavendish Arts Science Fellowship at Girton College is a unique collaborative opportunity open to artists internationally and is not confined to any single aesthetic, theme, or medium. The Fellowship, which is financially supported, will last for one year from October 2021, and will include a residency in Cambridge of up to a maximum of a year. The deadline to apply to the open call is midnight 16 May 2021.

Cavendish Arts Science supports collaborative and creative processes that help to examine the world and our place within it through the creation of new artistic work. Building on an extensive history of arts science engagement at the Cavendish Laboratory for Physics, the programme was founded in 2016 by Suchitra Sebastian, whose team at the Cavendish works on quantum materials.

Suchitra Sebastian, director of Cavendish Arts Science said: “For the first Cavendish Arts Science Fellowship at Girton College, we are seeking thought-provoking and adventurous artists, in particular those with no previous experience of interacting with scientists or working in a scientific environment.

“We are looking to create new encounters between art and science, to shape our experience of knowing the material and immaterial universe. This will be a unique opportunity for the successful artist to collaborate actively with Cavendish physicists and other researchers, to develop ideas and produce new work to be exhibited during the fellowship and beyond. This is open to all artists committed to collaborating with others with different perspectives and interests, so please send your application before the deadline of 16 May!”

Susan J Smith, Mistress of Girton College, Cambridge said: “Girton College is delighted to be a partner in the Cavendish Arts Science initiative, inspired by Girtonian scientist, Una Ryan. As an institution we understand the educational and cultural value of embedding fine scholarship across all subjects within a vibrant visual and performing arts scene. We are thrilled, therefore, to have a hand in linking great science with audacious art, and we extend our warm welcome to the inaugural artist.”

Cavendish Arts Science is an initiative of the University of Cambridge, Cavendish Laboratory for Physics. The Cavendish Arts Science Fellowship at Girton College is made possible through a partnership with Girton College. The programme is supported by a generous donation from Una Ryan.

For more information and to apply please visit