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Online Catalogue

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The online catalogue

Our catalogue is available via the online Union Catalogue link on the University Library Web pages. Any computer with Internet access can use the catalogue. If you wish to search for books and journals throughout all libraries of the University of Cambridge, click on this link for the iDiscover on the University Library's Web site.

Please ask for help from the Library staff if you are unable to locate the items you are searching for.

The Classification Scheme

The library uses its own classification scheme for books within the subject field of Physics. Each book is given a code consisting of a 2 digit number denoting subject, a single letter which is usually the surname initial of the first author, and final sequence number. For example, "The Principles of Quantum Mechanics" by P.A.M.Dirac is classified as 60 D 1. The present classification numbers are given in the table:

00 General reference books 44 Electronics - general
01 Dictionaries 45 Electronic circuits, devices and microprocessors
02 Conference reports 46 Radio aerials, receivers and wave propagation
03 Safety 47 Servomechanisms - network theory
10 Laboratory techniques 50 Crystal structures, diffraction methods
11 Tables - physical 51 Crystal physics
12 Mathematics 52 Solid state physics
13 Computing and numerical methods 53 Metals and alloys
14 Tables - mathematical 54 Surface physics
15 Computational Physics 55 Nanoscience
20 Dictionaries and handbooks of physics    
21 Theoretical physics - general, chaos and symmetry 60 Quantum mechanics
22 Relativity and gravitation 61 Atomic physics
23 Classical mechanics 62 Atomic and molecular prectra
24 Fluid dynamics 63 Nuclear physics
25 Properties of matter 64 Elementary particles
26 Elasticity 65 Atomic and nuclear instruments
27 Sound, waves, and vibration 66 Magnetic resonance
29 Energy 70 Astronomy and cosmology
30 Heat and thermodynamics 71 Geophysics and atmospheric physics
31 Statistical mechanics 72 Chemistry
32 Kinetic theory 73 Biophysics
33 Low temperature physics 80 General physics - popular, teaching, lectures
34 Light 81 Philosophy and sociology
35 Applied optics and photonics 82 History
38 Optimisation and control 83 Biographies, anniversary volumes
39 Stochastic process and image formation 84 Collected papers
40 Electricity and electromagnetism 85 Cavendish Laboratory papers
41 Magnetism 86 Business, accounting
42 Electron optics 99 Alternative physics
43 Plasma physics