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Research Staff Committee

Research staff members 2019

Adrian Ionescu (AI, RSC Secretary, group TFM), Joanna Waldie (JW, RSC Co-Chair, group SP), Paul Bennett (PB, RSC Co-Chair, group SC), David Ward (DW, Comms, group SMF), Bartomeu Monserrat (BM, group TCM), Jordan Baglo (JB, group QM), Kingsley Gale-Sides (KGS, group AP), Paolo Andrich (PA, group OE), Rohit Chikkaraddy (RC, group NP), Peter Newton (PN, group NP), Beth Tennyson (BT, group OE), Jan Girovsky (JG, group SP), Tiffany Harte (TH, group AMOP) Dhiren Kara (DK, group AMOP), Chris Thomas (group Detector Physics).

Dr Rachael Padman (Chair of the Personnel Committee), Mrs Liz Hewitt (Secretary of the Personnel Committee), Dr Sarah Teichmann (Academic Champion), Dr. Claudio Castelnovo (Academic Champion) also attend.


The Chair of the Personnel Committee and the out-going Chair of the Research Staff Committee nominate eight core members for approval by the Personnel Committee at the beginning of each academic year. In addition, any research group not represented will be invited to send a member.

The Chair and Secretary of the Personnel Committee may be in attendance.

Minutes of past meetings

Terms of Reference

The Cavendish Laboratory Research Staff Committee reports to the Personnel Committee and provides feedback to the Department management on:

  • the provision of careers advice and training,

  • induction and mentoring schemes,

  • postdoctoral Staff Review and Development procedures, and
    other areas of good working practice as identified by the IoP Juno and Athena SWAN principles,

  • relationships with the University’s Office of Postdoctoral Affairs,

  • The Committee provides a forum for the discussion of general employment matters relevant to Research Staff in the Department and to monitor the implementation of the research concordat; and to organise events relevant to postdoctoral researchers within the Department.

Meetings will occur once per University term. The Chair and Secretary are chosen from the core members and rotate annually.


The Committee reports through the Personnel Committee and through notes circulated to all research staff after each meeting.

Career Management and Development Scheme
Athena Swan and Juno schemes