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Biological Work

The Physics of Medicine (PoM) laboratory houses a CL2 biological laboratory, managed by the Biological and Soft Systems sector of the department and used by researchers in the physical sciences throughout Cambridge.

New users to the department who wish to undertake research with biological materials, including but not limited to algae, bacteria, mammalian cell and tissue cultures, must contact the Departmental Biological Safety Officer in the first instance.

Full training will be provided in the use of the biolab and appropriate culture techniques. Examples and discussion of appropriate risk assessments can be provided upon request.

Key contacts are:

Fiona Morgan (Biological Safety Officer and PoM Laboratory Manager): 748914 (office)   fjem2

Sarah Bohndiek (Deputy Biological Safety Officer): 37267 (office)   seb53

Saba Alai (Departmental Safety Officer): 37397 (office)   sa792


Departmental Documents

The following documents are available to download (cam-only):

BIOLOGICAL SAFETY IN THE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS (with links to relevant documents)

Biological Risk Assessment proforma in MS Word format / PDF format

Induction information for the Physics of Medicine Building

Induction information for the Bio-Lab

A New-Starter's checklist


Biological Safety Risk Assessments - must be approved by the Biological Safety Committee (forward to the Biological Safety Officer).

Example risk assessments:

Mammalian cell culture, non GMO

Mammalian cell culture, GMO

Mammalian cell culture with stably transfected cell lines


HSE Website and Document links

HSE Biosafety guidance (webpages)

Approved List of Biological Agents (Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens)

HSE Guidance on The Biological Agents and Genetically Modified Organisms (Contained Use) Regulations 2014

Schedules of The Biological Agents and Genetically Modified Organisms (Contained Use) Regulations 2014

The SACGM Compendium of Guidance – Part 3: Containment and control of activities involving genetically modified microorganisms

Containment measures for use of microorganisms - plants

Containment measures for use of microorganisms


 This page was last updated April 2018