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Safety Committee and Specialists

Specialist Advisers for Physics Department


Please suffix all the email addresses as seen with

Departmental Safety Officer

The Departmental Safety Officer (DSO) is to be consulted on any general safety or work related health or environmental matter, including health and safety law, risk Management, occupational health, safety technology, machinery, noise, fire,  accident reporting and investigation, radiation, hazardous waste disposal, and environmental licenses.

Ms Saba Alai sa792 room 208B tel (3)37397 mob 07817 602858

Chemical Safety / COSHH

Ms Anya Howe ajh246 room 208B tel (3)37421 mob 07834 319547

Electrical Safety

Electronics safety/Portable Appliance Testing

Mr Huw Prytherch hp373 room 401  tel (3)37325

Electrical Plant/Infrastructure Safety/Maintenance

Mr Alan Turner adt20 room 129 tel (3)37404

High Energy Materials Safety

Dr David Williamson dmw28 room 427B

tel (3)37205

Cryogenic/Pressurized Gases Safety

Mr Dan Cross dlc23 room 387 tel (3)37488

Radiation Protection Supervisors

Dr Bart Hommels hommels@hep.phy room 846 tel (3)37237
Ms Saba Alai sa792 room 208B tel (3)37397

Laser Safety Officer

Mr Richard Gymer room K27 tel (3)37264

Biological Safety Officer

Ms Fiona Morgan fjem2 PoM (1.04) tel (7)48914    


Department Safety Committee Members

 If you feel issues are not progressed effectively, or have ideas that could improve safety in the whole lab, please contact your Group/location representative, the Chair or a specialist on the Safety Committee.


Dr Andy Jardine apj24 room 415 tel (3)37207


Ms Saba Alai sa792 room 208B tel (3)37397




email '@cam'



Administration/ Accounts Ms Clare Bates ceb215

207 Bragg

Astrophysics (AP) Dr John Young jsy1001@mrao Battcock Centre (3)37347
Atomic Mesoscopic and Optical Physics (AMOP) Dr Robert Smith
rps24 929 Rutherford (7)46407
Biological and Soft Systems (BSS)/ Biological Safety Officer Ms Fiona Morgan fjem2 PoM (7)48914

Departmental Safety Technician (Minutes)/ Chemical Safety Officer

Ms Anya Howe ajh246 208B  Bragg (3)37421
Electronics workshop Mr Huw Prytherch hp373 401 Mott


Laboratory Superintendent Mr Peter Norman pmn22 222 Bragg (7)60941
Liquid Gases Mr Dan Cross dlc23 387 Mott


Maintenance Mr Alan Turner adt20 129 Bragg


Maxwell Centre, including Centre for        Scientific Computing and NanoDTC Mr Adam Brown adb60 0.5 Maxwell


Microelectronics Dr Radoslav Chakalov rac75 M209 (3)37492
Molecular Engineering (MolE) Mr Apoorv Jain aj520 425
Nanophotonics (NP) Dr Tijmen Euser te287 185A Bragg (7)47039
Optoelectronics (OE)/Laser Safety Officer Mr Richard Gymer rwg11 / K27 Kapitza (3)37264
Quantum Matter (QM) Dr Sian Dutton sed33 503 Mott (7)64159
Quantum Sensors (QS) Mr Michael Crane crane@mrao 825 Rutherford (7)66463
Semiconductor Physics (SP) Dr Lucy Goff lg461 337 Mott (3)37387
Surface, Microstructure and Fracture (SMF) Dr John Ellis je102 427B Mott (3)32496
Theory of Condensed Matter (TCM) Prof Ben Simons bds10 539 Mott (3)37253
Thin Film Magnetism (TFM) Dr Andy Irvine aci20 304A Mott (3)37473
Trade Unions Dr John Rickard jjr1001 355 Mott (3)37212
Undergraduate Teaching Mr Richard King


171/179 Bragg (3)37405
University Safety Office: University Physical and Chemical Safety Adviser Mr John Hulme John.Hulme@ admin Greenwich House (7)66353
Workshops Vacancy 608C Link Block

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