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Rosana's research focuses on understanding DNA packaging insides cells, DNA structure, epigenetic phenomena, and the relationship between the structure of the genome and gene expression regulation. She received her undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and an MSc and DPhil in Theoretical Chemistry from the University of Oxford. She then did postdoctoral work with Tamar Schlick (NYU), Modesto Orozco (IRB Barcelona), Daan Frenkel (Cambridge), and David Wales (Cambridge). 


We develop and apply novel multi-scale computational models to investigate the structure of the genome at the nanoscale level, in conditions mimicking those inside cells. Our research aims to link epigenomes with the specific chromatin nanostructures they lead to, and also to elucidate the molecular-level mechanisms behind such link. Our multi-scale computational models are anchored in all-atom molecular dynamics simulations, coarse-graining techniques, theory, and experiments from collaborators. 


Key publications: 

[19]     R. Collepardo-Guevara, G. Portella, D. Frenkel, M. Vendruscolo, T. Schlick, and M. Orozco, Chromatin Unfolding by Epigenetic Modifications Explained by Dramatic Impairment of Internucleosome Interactions: A Multiscale Computational Study, J Am Chem Soc, (2015) 137:10205

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[1]   R. Collepardo-Guevara, D. Walter, and D. Neuhauser, and R. Baer, A Hückel study of the effect of a molecular resonance cavity on the quantum conductance of an alkene wire, Chem Phys Lett, (2004) 393:367

University Lecturer, Department of Chemistry
Cavendish Joint Member
Dr Rosana   Collepardo-Guevara

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