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Following her MPhys at the University of Oxford, Claire went to Switzerland to carry out her PhD studies at the Paul Scherrer Institute and ETH Zurich. She was awarded her PhD in 2017 for her work on 3D systems, which was recognised by a number of prizes including the APS Richard Greene Dissertation Award, the The Werner Meyer-Ilse Memorial Award, the ETH Medal, and the SPS Award for Computational Physics. After a postdoc at the ETH Zurich, she moved to the University of Cambridge and the Cavendish as a Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow in January 2019, where she is focusing on the dynamics of three-dimensional magnetic nanostructures. 


I am interested in the experimental investigation of three-dimensional magnetic systems, both extended systems - where the role of topology and complex interactions lead to fascinating 3D spin textures and behaviours - and patterned 3D magnetic nanostructures, where, via their geometry and the introduction of curvature, we can alter the magnetic properties, with implications for future devices.

To study these systems, we make use of sophisticated synchorotron X-rays to determine the three-dimensional magnetic configurations, and their dynamic behaviour, at the nanoscale.


Key publications: 

Claire Donnelly, Simone Finizio, Sebastian Gliga, Mirko Holler, Aleš Hrabec, Michal Odstrčil, Sina Mayr, Valerio Scagnoli, Laura J Heyderman, Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, Jörg Raabe, "Time-resolved imaging of three-dimensional nanoscale magnetization dynamics" Nature Nanotechnology (2020) 

Claire Donnelly, Valerio Scagnoli, "Imaging three-dimensional magnetic systems with X-rays", J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 32 213001 (2020)

Katharina Witte, Andreas Späth, Simone Finizio, Claire Donnelly, Benjamin Watts, Blagoj Sarafimov, Michal Odstrcil, Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, Mirko Holler, Rainer H Fink, Joerg Raabe, "From 2D STXM to 3D Imaging: Soft X-ray Laminography of Thin Specimens", Nano Letters (2020)

Jannis Lehmann, Claire Donnelly, Peter M Derlet, Laura J Heyderman, Manfred Fiebig, "Poling of an artificial magneto-toroidal crystal", Nature Nanotechnology 14, 141 (2019)

Claire Donnelly, Sebastian Gliga, Valerio Scagnoli, Mirko Holler, Jörg Raabe, Laura J Heyderman, Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, "Tomographic reconstruction of a three-dimensional magnetization vector field", New Journal of Physics 20, 083009 (2018)

Claire Donnelly, Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, Valerio Scagnoli, Sebastian Gliga, Mirko Holler, Jörg Raabe, Laura J Heyderman, "Three-dimensional magnetization structures revealed with X-ray vector nanotomography", Nature 547, 328 (2017)

Claire Donnelly, Valerio Scagnoli, Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, Mirko Holler, Fabrice Wilhelm, Francois Guillou, Andrei Rogalev, Carsten Detlefs, Andreas Menzel, Jörg Raabe, Laura J Heyderman, "High-resolution hard x-ray magnetic imaging with dichroic ptychography", Physical Review B 94, 064421 (2016)

Claire Donnelly, Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, Valerio Scagnoli, Mirko Holler, Thomas Huthwelker, Andreas Menzel, Ismo Vartiainen, Elisabeth Müller, Eugenie Kirk, Sebastian Gliga, Jörg Raabe, Laura J Heyderman, "Element-specific X-ray phase tomography of 3D structures at the nanoscale", Physical Review Letters 114115501 (2015)

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Hughes Hall Research Fellow
Dr Claire  Donnelly

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Mott 439
Cavendish Laboratory
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Person keywords: 
Experimental condensed matter physics
Reconstruction software and machine learning