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The Physics of Medicine - The Building


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Aerial view
An aerial view of the building site
(Mar 2008)
Building work
The building work in progress
(Apr 2008)
PoM floors
The Phase I floor plan
PoM grounds
A plan view of the Physics of Medicine, including Phase II

The University has made a major investment in the physics of medicine and biology with the construction of a new research centre in the Department of Physics, the imminent appointment of a Herschel Smith Professor of the Physics of Medicine, and the recent appointments of two lecturers in experimental bio-medical physics.

The interaction between physics, biology, and medicine are now at a turning point at which multidisciplinary research drawing physics much more deeply into the life sciences is of the highest priority. The new building, comprising research laboratories, teaching rooms, and offices, will combine a wide range of research expertise in physics, soft condensed matter physics, biology, and medicine. The building will be located at the West Cambridge Site, at the southern end of J. J. Thomson Avenue, adjoining the frontage to the existing Cavendish Laboratory buildings. Construction of the new building began in summer 2007 with completion planned for summer 2008.

The current activities within the Laboratory that are expected to move into the new building are:

Construction progress can be viewed from a webcam here.

The top priority project for development is the construction of Phase Two of the Physics of Medicine building, which is shown in plan view in the last figure on the right. Phase Two will provide offices for those involved in theoretical, computational and experimental work, as well as further research laboratories.