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Kavli Institute of Cosmology and the Astrophysics Building
Click on the picture for a more detailed plan of the IoA site.
Kavli Institute of Cosmology
An artist's impression of the Kavli Institute on the grounds of the IoA

In August 2006 agreement was reached between the University of Cambridge and the Kavli Foundation for the establishment of a Kavli Institute for Cosmology. The funds provided by the Kavli Foundation will support several 5-year senior research fellowships in perpetuity. In turn the University has committed to provide a building of around 1,000 m² to accommodate the Kavli Institute.

The scientific remit of the Kavli Institute will be "The Universe at High Redshifts". This is a broad programme that will encompass many research programmes at IoA, Cavendish and DAMTP.

The research programmes to be incorporated in the Kavli Institute will be reassessed regularly. It is expected that approximately half the occupants of the new Kavli Institute will be members of the Cavendish Astrophysics group and the other half will be members of the IoA. This will include academic staff, Post-docs and graduate students.

The Kavli Endowment has acted as a catalyst for an exciting plan to relocate all the activities of the Cavendish Astrophysics group on the same site as the Kavli Centre and the Institute of Astronomy. The day-to-day interaction between experimental, observational and theoretical astrophysicists this will foster, will strengthen and extend the existing collaborations between Cavendish Astrophysics and the IoA.

To make this a reality, a new purpose built building is planned, which, together with the new Kavli Institute, will provide accommodation for all of the Cavendish Astrophysics group and its laboratory facilities.

Click here for detailed floorplans of the new Astrophysics building at the IoA site. More information can be found on the new Kavli Institute website.


Sep. 2007    Planning application submission.
Feb. 2008    Commence enabling works.
Apr. 2008    Commence demolitions and site preparation.
Oct. 2008    Appoint first Kavli Fellows.
April 2009    Construction complete. Occupancy of the Kavli Institute Building.