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HAAS Mill and Lathe: Computer - Machine communication guide


The following is a brief guide to configure communications between a computer (normally the laptops) and the HAAS machines using the serial connections. It is not the definitive guide, for this you will require the OneCNC and the HAAS machine manuals. This is merely an assistant guide that should help short cut your way to completion.

  • Check the Baud rate of the machine
    • On the key pad, press "Setng Graph"Click to enlarge
    • You should see the settings page. If you see the graph, press the key again.Click to enlarge
    • Press the "Page Down" button untill you see entry 11 "Baud Rate Select". You need to ensure this is set to "115.2K"Click to enlarge
    • If you need to change this, use the Left and Right buttons until you have the setting, then press enter.
    • Once this is set, you can get out of it by pressing a suitable button ("List Prog")
  • Once you have checked/set the machine, you will need to make sure that the computer is also configured correctly. This will normally be done during the process of your work, however this guide will show you without any work. Please fill in the work gaps yourself.
    • Open you project in OneCNCClick to enlarge
    • Click on the NC manager tab on the right hand sideClick to enlarge
    • Click on the icon in the top left hand corner of the NC Manager window
    • Set the Current Post option in the Process Toolpath window to "Hass"Click to enlarge
    • Click OK
    • Click on the icon in the top left hand corner of the NC Manager window to post the code.
    • In the OneCNC NC Editor, select the Tools menu and then click on SendClick to enlarge
    • If you see an "Error setting: COM2" entry in the send window, click on the settings buttonClick to enlarge
    • Change the settings to reflect those of the machine (The image should be accurate to the settings!)Click to enlarge
      • From the Workshops Laptops:
      • Comm Port: 4
      • Baud Rate: 115.2k
      • Data Bits: 7
      • Parity : Even
      • Stop Bits: 1
      • XON/XOFF : Tick
      • Start at computer: Enabled
      • Line Delay: 0
      • All other settings blank/unselected
    • Once you have corrected the settings, click "OK".
  • You are now able to send the data.
  • Press the "RECV" button on the machine
  • Click on the "SEND" button on the computer
  • Sit back and watch the data transfer.

Once you have completed the above, carry on with your project as you would according to your training. Sorry, we can't help much from this point in.
We are hoping to crack a way around having to reset the communication settings each time. When we do, we'll let you know.