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Electronics Workshop

Electronics Workshop10ppm dual differential output current source with selectable frequency compensation between channels, and in-built precision adjustable reference. Associated PID digital temperature controller and low noise linear power supply.16 channel, high speed, matched delay transmission line PCB.Pin configurable cryogenic sample holder with 20GHz microwave modulation feeder.4 quadrant bi-directional high speed pulser.Hermetically sealed, electrically guarded sample holder."IS3" low noise quad power supply with integrated PID temperature controller.Precision wide-band sum and difference amplifier.Optically isolated analogue to digital converter PCB.10ppm differential dual current source "IS3" internal view.Ultra low noise transimpedance amplifier with user selectable gain.

CPLD digital controller and crystal oscillator.

The Electronics Workshop provides a wide range of electronics services to support the work of the Cavendish Laboratory. We work with the students and researchers to help achieve their experimental and research goals through consultation, design and implementation. Our services range from assisting with practical tasks (e.g. soldering, component assembly) through to the design and fabrication of complex systems incorporating measurement, control and interfacing.

We are also able to provide a limited repair service and some of our workshop facilities are available to members of the department.

To get a better idea of how we could help, and to discuss what level of involvement you would like us to have, please contact us, or call in for an informal discussion.

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We encourage you to come and discuss your requirements with us, this will allow us to understand what you are trying to achieve and how best to help you. We are happy to provide advice on topics ranging from; components and practical aspects, to more in-depth consultations for larger projects and systems.

There is a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience within the workshop team, so between us we can provide guidance and solutions – if we don’t have the answers immediately, we can find out.

Either call in for an informal discussion, or if you prefer you can contact us (Huw or Barry) to arrange a specific time.




Having discussed and agreed your requirements with you, we can design an electronic/electrical solution. We have a selection of CAD tools to produce circuit diagrams, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and simulations, we also design controller firmware and PC interfacing software to provide complete systems if required. However, we are also happy to assist and advise with your own circuit designs and produce PCBs and assemblies to your specifications.




Within the workshop we have facilities for producing single or double-sided PCBs. Unfortunately, we are unable to produce boards with ‘through-hole plating’ (vias), however we can connect between layers with pins (alternatively, multilayer, through-hole plated PCBs can be purchased from our suppliers). PCBs are assembled using hand soldering or by ‘re-flow’ soldering for surface mounted devices (SMT). We can also help you with any of your delicate or tricky soldering requirements.

The finished projects are housed in rugged, custom designed enclosures. Some enclosures and fixings are produced using the mechanical facilities in our workshop, but we also work closely with our colleagues in the Mechanical Workshop for some projects.

All completed work is inspected and checked to the required safety standards.




We will always attempt to repair projects that have been produced by the workshop and make reasonable efforts to repair other laboratory equipment, depending on what technical details can be provided and the workshop work-load at the time.


Workshop Facilities

Some of the workshop facilities are available to students and researchers on request.

  • Soldering and de-soldering equipment (or we can assist you).
  • Some test equipment is available for short term loan (if not in use by the workshop) e.g. oscilloscopes, powers supplies, meters. Please ask for more details.
  • A selection of text and reference books are available for short term loan.




We are located in room 401 of the Mott Building.

NamePositionContct Information
Huw Prytherch

Senior Technical Officer

(Head of section)


Tel: 37325
Barry Shores Technical Officer


Tel: 37316
Dave Gladding Assistant Staff


Tel: 37326
Chris Birch Assistant Staff


Tel: 37326