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Laboratory Superintendent - Key Activities


  • To maintain the smooth running of laboratory facilities in the Department of Physics on a day to day basis.

The Superintendent ensures an uninterrupted 24/7 running of the research and teaching facility. This is achieved through an in-house Maintenance team, the University Estate Management and a number of subcontractors by:
a) scheduled and continuous maintenance of the facility on day to day basis
b) response to daily requests from the customers
As the facility has to operate 24hours / 7days and there are various emergency telephone numbers to ensure the cover.

Key services: Gases, water, electricity, compressed air, cooling systems, ventilation, furniture, removals and relocations, equipment failures, leaks, plumbing, telephones, wiring, keys, access, alarms, fire system, museum, maintenance budget, security, external properties.


  • Infrastructure improvement projects

The Superintendent proposes, provides and maintains infrastructure improvements in respect of the Cavendish Laboratory.
The Superintendent insures smooth running of these infrastructure projects, which are done either with conjunction with EMBS, maintenance Team or / and the research staff and other customers.

Key services: Laboratories and office refurbishment, project management, minor building projects, logistics, infrastructure improvement, documentation, budgeting, liaison with EMBS, external liaison, grants, justifications, control of expenditure.


  • Technical staff management

The Superintendent assists the Administrative Departmental Secretary with day-to-day man management of the laboratory technical assistant staff.


  • Site security and safety

The Superintendent acts as a Security officer for the site and implements Security measures in the Department in conjunction with the University Security Office.
The Superintendent is also responsible for Site and room access. This include the issuing of keys and door access cards.
Safety measures are implemented together with the Departmental Safety Officer

Site and Room access

Out of hours access to the buildings is by the use of Swipe card.
In order to obtain a swipe card authorisation has to be sought from the Administration office.

Keys in the first instance, will be issued when requested by the group secretary.

The Superintendent, directly on presentation of a valid Cavendish ID can issue the keys. Depending on the area, some verification maybe necessary from students supervisors.