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Waste Handling and Recycling


As with the movement to deal with waste materials properly continues, so we have to consider our own output.The following table should be used when disposing of items so that they may be dealt with responsibly.

Asbestos Do Not Handle! Contact J Blunt or K Matthews
Batteries Deposit in containers outside stores
Cans Blue Container - Delivery yard
Cardboard Green container - Delivery yard
Chemical (Hazardous) Waste Chemical Waste store, key in stores. If in doubt contact S Mistry
Computer Hardware Container - Delivery yard, keys in stores
Electrical and Electronic Waste Blue container - Delivery yard
Fluorescent tubes Container in Maintenance. Contact K Matthews or A Turner
Gas Cylinders Re-used through stores
General Waste Skip in the Delivery yard
Miscellaneous Laboratory and Office Furniture
  • Furniture Store
  • Container store for benches, contact David Rudderham
  • For disposal, Skip - Delivery yard
  • Chemical waste store, key in stores. If in doubt contact S Mistry
  • Cooking oil, Kitchens
Paper Green container - Delivery yard (use recycle bins in offices)
Plastic Green containter - Delivery yard
Refrigerators Inform Maintenance, A Turner
Toner Cartridges Recycle through stores