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Cryogenics / Liquid Gases

The Cavendish has the facility to liquefy and supply it's own Helium and Nitrogen to be used for a variety of experimental and teaching purposes.

Liquid Helium

The Liquid Helium is produced and distributed by Dan Cross, assisted by Mariusz Naguszewski in room 394.

If you wish to obtain some liquid Helium, please e-mail: liquid.gases "at", or call 37488 and talk to Dan or Mariusz to discuss your needs.

Liquid Nitrogen

The Liquid Nitrogen facility is based in room 392a (next to the large tanks) and is run by Mike Boxall. If you wish to obtain some liquid Nitrogen, please e-mail: liquid.gases "at", or call 68154 and talk to Mike to discuss your needs.

Opening hours

The Liquid Gases facility is normally manned between 08:00 and 16:30 Monday to Friday.

Important Safety Information

All users of dewars (both Helium and Nitrogen) should be taught the layout and operation of the valves and how they should be left. This will reduce the risk of a dewar misbehaving and also leave the dewar in a safe condition to use.

This step is all the more important for students and staff new to the laboratory. We have had several cases recently of people unable to operate the dewars correctly.

For comprehensive health and safety information regarding cryogens please follow this link.

Thank you.