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We are open between the hours of 08:30 and 16:55, Monday to Friday

We are based in the Bragg Building on the ground floor just inside the main entrance.

Contact details:

  • Email:  recept "at"
  • Reception:  01223 337200
  • Print Room/Post Room:  01223 337398


We are a team of four people, working full time and two working part time.

  • Supervisor:                      Catherine Clifton
  • Assistant:                         Gloria Oglesby
  • Assistant:                         Glynis Boxall
  • Assistant:                         Kath Manson

Catherine supervises the provision of Reception, Post and Printing services to members of both the Cavendish Laboratory and the Maxwell Centre


All visitors need to sign in and receive a visitor badge, which they MUST bring back when they depart so we can sign them out.

All Hosts need to book visitor parking in advance.  Please see Visitor Page.

Visitors to the Museum are also handled through Reception, please see the Visitors page for further information.


Reception Services

We also provide the following services:
Print Room
Post Room
Other Services

Print Room

We liaise with academic staff to produce photocopies of all lecture notes and class manuals, scientific papers, examination papers etc. for staff and students, preparing them as required.

We can organise the binding of documents by either the thermal or spline method.
If you bring work in that is urgent we aim to get it back to you the same day. The only times we cannot promise this is when we are processing exam papers or Class handouts/manuals. We do the odd exam paper at the beginning of January each year and April but the main ones are produced between mid May until first week in June.
Also when we are getting ready for the start of term it is very busy and lecture notes and manuals are handled on a first come, first served basis.

Groups can sign out copier paper from us which will be charged to the group.

Please note that we cannot undertake work for undergraduates. If you require copying or binding services, you will need to see your college.

Post Room

Selling of stamps is between 09:00  - 12:00  and 14:00  - 16:00 only. These are limited to only 4 stamps each day per person. If you need a large amount then you should go to the Post Office. This is only for people with an office within the Cavendish.

We frank all the mail for the lab. Each group is charged for their franking.

If people have any PRIVATE post that isn't a letter they will have to take these to the Post Office.
The postal system has changed and we are having to size and weigh everything so work post is our main property.

UMS is collected just once a day pick up is 10:15am. We sort this when it arrives and place it in your pigeon holes by the Stores for you to collect.

Fax Machine.
Each group should use their own fax machine but we will send faxes for groups that do not have a machine. We receive faxes for groups and place these in the pigeon holes by stores.

Other Services

We keep a database with car registrations so please let us know if you come to work by car. We do keep this database up to date, so please let us know if you change your car.

We can contact people on our Emergency Team via the CNS System.
We use this if you need to contact them with anything that is urgent. This also applies for First Aiders.

The annual lab photos are ordered via Reception so you come to us with your payment to place your order.

The above is only a quick guide to some of the services we offer. If there is anything you need or wish to know please call or email and we can discuss your needs.