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Mentoring Contacts


Note: The primary source of information for new members of staff is the Laboratory Handbook. A wealth of information on administrative and academic policy and procedures can also be found on the Staff and Current Students Resources web page. New members of the Laboratory are encouraged to spend some time browsing the contents. The following list of contacts is intended to identify people who are willing to provide personal support and advice, particularly where the route forward is not obvious or is ambiguous.


Teaching Undergraduates Prof. David Ritchie
Dr. David Green
dar11 'at'
dag 'at'
01223 337331
01223 337305
College Supervision Dr. Julia Riley
Dr. David Green
julia 'at'
dag 'at'
01223 337308
01223 337305
College CTO Fellowships Head of Department
Job Opportunities website
hod 'at'
01223 337429
PhD Admissions Robert Hay
Alison Dann
rach2 'at'
ajd45 'at'
01223 337421
01223 337420
Supervising PhD students Prof. Neil Greenham
Prof. Mike Payne
ncg11 'at'
mcp1 'at'
01223 766301
01223 337381
How the University Works Robert Hay

rach2 'at'

01223 337421
Research Council and European research funding Robert Hay rach2 'at' 01223 337421
Getting research grant applications through the University Johanna Purser jsap2 'at' 01223 337419
Advertisements and employment Robert Hay (Officers)

rach2 'at'

01223 337421
Research Assessment exercises Prof. Athene Donald amd3 'at' 01223 337382
Women in Science Prof. Val Gibson gibson 'at' 01223 337373
Returning from Maternity Leave Prof. Val Gibson gibson 'at' 01223 337373
Experience the academic Promotion process Prof. Val Gibson
Prof. Andy Parker
gibson 'at'
parker 'at'
01223 337373
01223 337474
Going part time David Peet dhp24 'at' 01223 337362
Engaging with Industry Michael Simmons mps48 'at' 01223 746626
Harassment/Dignity at work Any member of the Personnel Committee Personnel Committee pages
Facilities and space Peter Norman pmn22 'at' 01223 337417
Health and Safety Jane Blunt fjb27 'at' 01223 337397
Postdoc careers Prof. Russell Cowburn
Careers Service
rpc12 'at'
01223 337436
01223 338288
Personal Fellowship practice interviews Head of Department or College hod 'at' 01223 337429
Junior Research Fellowships Job Opportunities website
Outreach Dr. Lisa Jardine-Wright ljw21 'at' 01223 333318
Alumni and fundraising Prof. Malcolm Longair msl 'at' 01223 765953