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Apart from older bound copies, the journals are stored in alphabetical order in the Main Library. The most recent issues are displayed on shelves around the reading area. Please ask the Library staff if you are unable to locate the journal you seek.

Journals held by the Rayleigh Library can be searched for on the O-Z Departmental public catalogue, "Newton". The Library Search includes all the journals subscribed to by the various libraries of the University and provides details of their locations and holdings.

Journals may NOT be borrowed by anyone at any time. Articles in journals may be photocopied, but please respect the Copyright laws. All copies should be signed for in the book provided. A charge of 5p for black and white  A4 page and 10p for colour A4 page.

Journals in the Napier Shaw Library

Napier Shaw meteorological journals are held on the open shelves in the Napier Shaw Library on the wall opposite the entrance to the Library, and also in the Stack Room and closed cupboards next to the Library. To search for Napier Shaw journals please follow the steps in paragraph 2 above under Rayleigh Library journals. Please ask the Library staff if you wish to see any of the journals that are not on the open shelves.

Journals online