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Useful Downloads

In the following section, codes of practice or advice documents are in pdf format. Forms for you to fill in (e.g. risk assessment, worker registration) are in Word.



Compressed gases



Display Screen Equipment (e.g. Computers)




Lifting and handling

Personal protective equipment

Pressure systems

Risk assessment

Visitors and events

  • code of practice
  • risk assessment form (general)
  • risk assessment form (physics at work)


Standard notices


Every room should have an emergency notice, close to the telephone or near the room door.

 image of emergency notice

asphyxiation decision treeAny room where there is oxygen monitoring should have one of these notices on the door, giving instructions as to how to handle an alarm situation. Click on the image.
SymbolsFree downloadsJust click on the icon
skullToxic or highly toxic substance silhoueteRespiratory hazard flammeHighly or extremely flammable substance
acid redCorrosive substance

rondflamOxidiser, not to be confused with highly flammable

explosExplosive substance
bottleCompressed gas exclamHealth hazard Aquatic pollut redDangerous to the aquatic envronment
laserLaser asphyxiantDanger of asphyxiation cryogenCryogen
radiationRadioactive substance or equipment emitting radiation biohazardBiohazard magnetMagnet
electricElectrical hazard classifiedzoneArea that has been 'zoned' due to explosive / flammable substances


Prohibition signsFree downloadsClick on the icon
estope-stop nonakedlightsNo naked lights nosmokingNo smoking nopacemakersNo pace makers
Mandatory signsFree downloadsClick on the icon
eyeprotectionWear eye protection hearingprotectionWear hearing protection respiratorWear respirator maskWear mask
visorWear visor bootsWear safety boots hardhatWear hard hat adjustableguardUse adjustable guard
weldingmaskWear welding mask fireexitkeepclear automaticfiredoor escaperoute
'Safe condition' signsFree downloadsClick on the icon
drinkingwaterDrinking water emergencyeyewashEmergency eye wash emergencyshowerEmergency shower emergencyphoneEmergency phone
firstaidFirst aid wheelchairWheel chair user route assemblyareaFire assembly area defibrillatorDefibrillator
firescapeleftFire escape to left fireescaperightFire escape to right
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