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Report an incident

Reporting an Accident, Incident or Near-Miss

It is extremely important that accidents, incidents and near-misses are reported. The primary purpose for this is to learn from them and, by making any improvements that are identified, prevent a future incident from occurring.

Please complete an INCIDENT REPORT FORM at this link:

Who should make the report?

This depends on what has happened. Please see the guidance below.

Someone has been injured as a result of an accident either inside or outside the Cavendish

You should have called a first-aider. They will then fill out the form

There was an injury, but a first aider was not called

You, or the injured person, should fill out the form
There was a near-miss; e.g.
  • something broke and fell beside you,
  • something caught fire but did not set light to the building,
  • a gas regulator failed.
You need to fill in the form. This is particularly important if you feel that changes need to be made to prevent it from happening again (and possibly causing a serious injury).
Someone falls acutely ill Call a first aider; they will do the paperwork

What to do afterwards

Please put the completed incident report in the pigeon hole of the Safety Officer (in an envelope, please, if it contains personal information)

Please contact the Safety Officer as soon as possible by telephone, if it was an accident. Also inform your supervisor and your safety representative.

Please follow the advice on this page: Aftermath


This page was last updated 16th March 2015