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Organise an Event at the Cavendish

The Cavendish Laboratory regularly hosts conferences, seminars, physics at work, national science week and a wide variety of other events throughout the year.

Booking your event

In order to book the event, you will need to check the availability of the rooms on the Room Booking System. If you are external to the University you will need to contact bookings "at"

Planning an event

If you wish to plan an event there are a number of things you need to consider.
What you need, when and how long you need it for, who it will affect. It is recommended that you book the resources as far in advance as possible, however you should be aware that the teaching requirements of the laboratory may take priority.

Announcing the event

As these events can sometimes cause disruption to research groups and teaching, it is a good idea to inform people as you are organising the dates and resources required.
You should inform the group secretaries so that they may pass the message on to their group. If the event requires catering, or if you suspect that the delegates will eat in the Cavendish canteen, then you should inform the Canteen manager. You should also inform the Receptionists to expect people from the delegation arriving.

Lecture theatres

The lecture theatres are available for use during conferences when they are not in use for lectures. If you wish to book them, you need to contact the bookings "at"

RoomCapacityFeaturesExternal ratesInternal / Concessionary rates
Pippard Lecture theatre 150 Data projection, OHP, Sound amplification 550GBP per day
70GBP per hour including evenings
300GBP per day
37GBP per hour including evenings
Small Lecture theatre 150 Data projection, OHP, Sound amplification 400GBP per day
50GBP per hour including evenings
250GBP per day
30GBP per hour including evenings

Meeting rooms

For smaller events, the meeting rooms are available.

RoomCapacityFeaturesExternal ratesInternal / Concessionary rates
Main committee room 20 seated - 50 open plan Data projection, OHP 150GBP per day 100GBP per day
Link building seminar room 15 seated - 40 open plan OHP Price on application Price on application
Mott building seminar room 15 seated - 40 open plan OHP Price on application Price on application
Quiet study room 30 seats open room This room is normally only available for extraordinary requirements as it is required for students to study in. Please contact bookings "at" phy


The PWF is the Public Workstation Facility. This service is maintained by the University Computing Service and by local support at the Cavendish. Further details are available at

PWF Room 30 people 30 workstations pwf-admin "at" The machines require usernames and passwords. You should inform the administrators of the number of people attending in order for the accounts to be set up.


If you require furniture for your conference, you should contact David Rudderham via reception.
Furniture includes:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Notice / Poster boards (charged at 5GBP per day)
  • Signs

Foyer facilities

There are a number of places around the laboratory that would be suitable for use as a foyer for an event. please speak with the Head of Department's PA (headsec @ to acertain the most suitable location.


At certain times of year, it is possible that the Department may be able to provide Technicians to assist you. They are available at the following costs:

  • Standard rate - 10GBP per hour (approximately)
  • Overtime rate - 15GBP per hour (approximately)