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Cavendish Laboratory Events

Upcoming Special Events

Winton Symposium on Green Computing


28th September 2015

The theme for the fourth annual Winton Symposium will be “Green Computing”.  The one-day Symposium will cover topics ranging from new materials and architectures for low power consumption computing, to computer-based applications which can benefit our environment.

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Winton Symposium on Global Challenges for Science and Technology

29th September 2014

The topic for this year's Winton Symposium is “Global Challenges for Science and Technology”. The Symposium will again bring together leading scientists from around the world to explore how we tackle the increasing demands of a growing population with declining natural resources.

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Concepts and Discovery in Quantum Matter

12th -15th July 2015

This post-ICM workshop has taken place from 12-15 July 2015 at the Cavendish Laboratory. It has explored unifying themes in quantum correlated matter such as: Role and quantitative use of order parameter field theories, Electronic structure and associated instabilities, Discoveries near quantum phase transitions, Pioneering experimental methods
Tunability and routes towards applications, Topological states

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Unconscious Bias

The School of Physical Sciences will be hosting a workshop about "Unconscious Bias" on Wednesday March 5th 2014 at 13.30pm in the Pippard Lecture Theatre at the Cavendish Laboratory.
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Winton Symposium on Materials Discovery 30th September 2013 This one-day meeting on "Materials Discovery" will bring together leading scientists from 'electronics' to 'life sciences' to explore some of the recent breakthroughs that reveal just how unexpected the physical world turns out to be.
Energy Efficiency Symposium 1st October 2012 A scientific debate bringing together world-leading experts to explore the fundamental physical limits to the generation, storage and use of energy. 
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Optoelectronic Processes in Organic Materials 20th September 2012 This one-day meeting provides an opportunity for the UK community to present and discuss high-quality scientific work in the field of organic semiconductors 
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bdj50: Brian Josephson 23rd June 2012 bdj50: Conference in Cambridge to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Publication of Brian Josephson's Seminal Work, 23rd June 2012 
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