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Cavendish Board : Terms of Reference and Membership


14 September 2015

Terms of Reference and Membership

The function of the Cavendish Board shall be to advise the Head of Department on all matters affecting the Department, with particular reference to:

  1. The development of Departmental strategy and policy;
  2. The preparation of the Department's submission to the annual planning round, including the risk register;
  3. The management, operation and resourcing of the Department, including staffing, equipment and space;
  4. The monitoring and review of the Department's education, research and other activities.

The constitution of the Board shall be:

The Head of Department

The Deputy Head of Department (Resources)

The Deputy Head of Department (Education)

The Director of Undergraduate Studies

The Chair of the Cavendish Personnel Committee

The Finance Manager

The Academic Secretary (Strategic)

The Departmental Administrator

Four Heads of Group, chosen by the Head of Department from nominations by Heads of Group, serving for two years.

The Head of Department, or in his or her absence a person nominated by him or her (normally one of the Deputy Heads of Department) shall chair the Board.

The Departmental Administrator shall serve as secretary of the Board.

Six members of the Board, including at least two Heads of Group, shall constitute a quorum.

Any other individual may be invited to attend a meeting or series of meetings at the discretion of the chair.

Minutes, with sensitive or confidential areas removed, shall be made available to all Cavendish Laboratory staff members.