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MCS Usage Guidelines

The Physics MCS usage guidelines

The Physics MCS room is in room 183 (Bragg building, North-East end in the teaching Laboratorys).

While using the facilities you are expected to treat the room, the hardware. the literature, the staff and each other in a responsible manner.

The following is a set of information, hints and tips to help us help you with your work.

  1. Health and Safety:
    Know your exit points! In the event of the fire alarm sounding, please leave the room quickly and quietly and exit the building to the North East (exit the PWF room and at the junction of the corridors, turn right). Exits are sign-posted.
  2. Printing:
    Note: Physics MCS is now part of the Common Balance

    The Department of Physics charge for printing.
    The rate will be advertised locally to each printer.
    To purchase printer credit, contact the Technical Officer (TO) - Richard King (rjk45) - in the 1A prep room, or Responsible Officer (RO) - Richard Ordish (rgo22) - in the CTA. They can be contacted by e-mail on pwf-admin "at"
    If you require IT or printer assistance please speak to Richard, CTA or phone the CS help desk, on Tel: 34681 (there is an internal phone on the wall by the door of the PWF).
    Should there be a printing problem (whether it be out of paper or simply not printing) please see Richard, or any a classes technician in the event of being out of paper).
  3. There are four printer queues: "Phy_Bragg_LP" is the default, plus _CLP, _LP(A3), _CLP(A3).
  4. There is also a FindMe queue available for the Multi Function Device located in the Rayleigh Library, Charge rates are the same.
  5. To check your print balance:-

    On Windows:

    "Start" -> "PWF Programs" -> "Utilities" -> "Print Credit Physics"

    On Linux: (From a terminal window type the following:)

    "prcred" <enter>

    Alternatively, single-left-click on the desktop then:

    "Utilities" -> "prcred (Printer Credit)"

    If you encounter any problems please report them to teh above technicians.
  6. For your data integrity, all internet traffic is monitored. Please do not attempt to run un-authorised software or hardware using the PWF network.
    If you feel there is a requirement, please e-mail pwf-admin@phy. with details.

FAQ / UCS Support

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