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Managed Cluster Service (MCS)

Physics Managed Cluster Service (Formally PWF)

Contact: pwf-admin "at"


The MCS is part of the University Computing Service Managed Cluster Service. The Cavendish Laboratory has a room dedicated to MCS machines that is situated on the ground floor at the North West end of the Bragg Building (Opposite the IA Class room 183).

The Rayleigh Library also have a small number of MCS terminals in the Rayleigh Library. There are 4 normal (window only) terminals and 2 Newtin Library Kiosks.

The Physics MCS is managed by:

  • Technical Officer - Richard King (rjk45), who administers the day-to-day running and booking within the MCS (Room 171)
  • Computing Officers - Richard Ordish (rgo22) & Cormac O'Connell (cjo24) (Rm 208a)
  • Library Administrator - Nevenka Huntic  (nh240), who administers the day-to-day running or the Library facility.

All questions, comments, booking queries and requests for help to: pwf-admin "at"

The software installed on the MCS machines is:

  • Standard set of Windows/Linux MCS software
  • Software specific to the Physics PWF: Origin, NAGWare f95 (version 5.0), NAG Fortran Library (Mark 21) and NAG C Library (Mark 8)

Booking of the Physics MCS

The Physics MCS can be booked for other purposes (Academic Visitors, Conferences, Open days, Summer Schools and courses).
There are currently 30 MCS computers, but the room itself can provide desk space for 32. The room is equipped with dedicated presentation & audio facilties.

Please contact us to make a booking: pwf-admin "at"

Current Bookings

Current MCS bookings can be viewed on the Meeting Room Booking System

MCS Booking and Mangement Information (restricted access)

Please note that bookings of the MCS are normally from 09:00 to 17:00. Use outside these hours will have to be arranged in advance. Incurred staff overtime will have to be re-imbursed by the event organiser.

  • If you book the MCS for use as part of a conference, course or seminar, it is your responsibility to make sure that it works as you expect.
  • If you require guest accounts to be activated you must let us know at least 1 week in advance. Requests put in 1 day in advance will not be given priority over other work.
  • If your booking does not appear on the meeting booking system, there is a high possibility that it hasn't been booked. You must e-mail pwf-admin "at" in order to place your booking. Bookings will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Opening Hours

Physics MCS

During term the MCS room will stay open until approximately 5:30pm.
Out of term, or at other times the MCS room will shut at 4:30pm (Mon - Fri).
The MCS room opens at 8:30am Mon - Fri.

Typically if a booking is registered it will unavailable for non-booking related users. Please check with technicians if you wish to use the facility during these times.

Generally the primary use of the Physics MCS is for teaching which will take priority.

Library MCS

The Library MCS facilities are available suring normal office working hours and generally any time the Library is open.


Users of the Physics MCS and Physics remote access will be added to an e-mail list to facilitate smoother communication and allow the managers to inform you of problems.
These lists are:

  • physics-pwf-users : All users of the Physics MCS
  • physics-pwf-remotelinux-users : All users of the remote Linux service

If you are not in these groups you can request memebership through the UCS Mailing List Service

Remote Access

A dedicated LINUX server is part of the UCS Managed Cluster service.
It is accessible as


You can also remotely access the main PWF linux server

Rules and Regulations

The Physics MCS usage guidelines and help

Hardware in the Physics MCS:

The current hardware in the Physics MCS was purchased in August 2012. They are Dell Optiplex 960 workstations purchased
Each machine has (amongst other things) 4+ USB ports, a DVD burner, 4Gb RAM and a 22" Widescreen LCS.
They are also alarmed.


Both the Physics MCS and Library MCS have printing faciliities, currentlt both have up to A3 and colour capability. All devices are part of the MCS Common Balance.