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Computing in The Cavendish

Centrally Provided Computing

Computing for the Department of Physics is separated into isolated networks, partly based on related research groups. The Central Services IT group ceased to exist as a unit in 2009. Each "network" is entirely resposible for the services it provides it users.

The remaining departmental services are maintained by the CTA group

For information on the Departments network(s) status and UCS Service announcements, please refer to the following page
Information about the Departments Network Status

Obtaining Help and Support

If you require computing support of any sort, please contact your local Computer Officer(s). Your Group Adminstrator should be able to provide you their details. If this is not possible, please contact the main Cavendish Reception for assistance.

To identify who you should contact, please visit the websites listed below.

Computing in Research Groups

Some research groups have their own computing pages:

Other groups share the resources of the Computing Pool.

 Computing for Teaching and Administration

 Non-Cavendish Computing Services