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Dr. Andrew Ferguson

Dr. Andrew Ferguson

Hitachi Senior Research Fellow

Fellow, Clare College

Room M231, Microelectronics Research Centre
Cavendish Laboratory,
JJ Thomson Avenue

Cambridge CB3 0HE
Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 337454


After finishing his Ph.D. in 2003 Andrew Ferguson left the University of Cambridge to work at the University of New South Wales in the Centre for Quantum Computer Technology. After 4 years of living by the beach (and learning how to do microwave-frequency, low-temperature experiments) it was time to come home. In 2007 he returned to Cambridge to take up the Hitachi senior research fellowship. Since then, he has built up a spintronics research group that uses microwave techniques to probe a variety of materials and devices.

Research groups


Research Interests

He is interested in studying novel effects due to electron spins in nanostructures: a topic best called nano-spintronics. His research group aims to explore both classical and quantum spin-effects that are relevant for future technologies. In one recent project, his group has been investigating current induced torques in spin-orbit coupled ferromagnets, and is now extending this to antiferromagnetic materials. In order to perform this research on magnetic dynamics his group had to develop new, ultrasensitive microwave measurement techniques.

Key Publications

“An antidamping spin–orbit torque originating from the Berry curvature”, H. Kurebayashi, Jairo Sinova, D. Fang, A. C. Irvine, T. D. Skinner, J. Wunderlich, V. Novák, R. P. Campion, B. L. Gallagher, E. K. Vehstedt, L. P. Zârbo, K. Výborný, A. J. Ferguson & T. Jungwirth, Nature Nanotechnology, 9 211 (2014).

"Controlled enhancement of spin-current emission by three-magnon splitting", H. Kurebayashi, O. Dzyapko, V. E. Demidov, D. Fang, A. J. Ferguson & S. O. Demokritov, Nature Materials, 10 660 (2011).

"Spin-orbit-driven ferromagnetic resonance", D. Fang, H. Kurebayashi, J. Wunderlich, K. Výborný, L. P. Zârbo, R. P. Campion, A. Casiraghi, B. L. Gallagher, T. Jungwirth & A. J. Ferguson, Nature Nanotechnology, 6  413 (2011).

"Gate-Defined Quantum Dots in Intrinsic Silicon", S. J. Angus, A. J. Ferguson, A. S. Dzurak and R. G. Clark. Nano Lett. 7, 2051 (2007).

"Microsecond resolution of quasiparticle tunneling in the radio frequency single Cooper pair transistor", A. J. Ferguson, N. Court, F. E. Hudson and R. G. Clark, Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 106603 (2006).