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The Physics website is maintained in house by the Department's Computer Officers. Any content beyond the central Physics web pages is maintained by the relevant local staff e.g. Group Websites, and central University pages.

To contact us for any matters associated with the Website Email: Webmaster@phy. (Appending


Updating of the Physics Website

With the adoption of the University's new design and web style, the Physics website has more tightly organised control of the look and content of its pages. However, you may need updates or new pages to be added.

It is possible you can update the pages you are responsible for through the Falcon Content Management System (CMS) on which the website is hosted. If you feel that you would like to take this path, then we can assist you with some basic guidance and help with getting started. The UIS also run some free Falcon courses that are recommended to all users wishing to look into updating there own areas, although this is not essential for most of the basic tasks.

You can also request additions or updates be made to the website simply by emailing the responsible group and the Webmaster. We can then liaise with you and/or the page owners make the necessary changes.

The processes below describe the steps you should take to make changes to the Physics website.

Updates to existing pages.

  1. Identify the group responsible for pages (see table below).
  2. Agree changes with group.
  3. Notify Webmaster of changes required, with simple details or which sections or pages you wish to change and provide new material
  4. Text updates are best in as simple a format as possible. I.e. Notepad, text pad or maybe word. You do not need to save as HTML or any other web standard as this will make the job more complicated.
  5. Images can be supplied in any format.

New additions to existing page areas.

  1. Identify the responsible group, contact them and agree changes.
  2. Notify webmaster@phy that new pages are required and provide a basic outline of the changes.
  3. For complex additions organise a meeting for group involved (and Webmaster) and discuss face-to-face to establish design.
  4. For simple additions, please supply title/words/images and link locations.

Entire New Sections or Areas

  1. Document and contact us with your concept (webmaster@phy). We will advise on possible options and discuss with plans with the Development Office team.
  2. The process will largely depend of complexity of job and who will be repsonsible for its content.

Index of Responsible Group/Individuals

Use the table below to identify the group that is responsible for the content (if not the physical update) of the area of interest.
Please be aware that webmaster also has responsibilty for all areas.

Website AreaResponsible Staff or Group
Alumni Development Office
Current Undergraduate Students Teaching Office
Development Development Office
Directions Reception
Faculty Development Office
General Contacts Reception
History Development Office/Outreach Officer
News Head of Department's Office
Outreach Outreach Officer
Prospective Students Graduate Admissions / Teaching Office
 Quick Links Webmaster
Research Development Office
Schools & Teachers Outreach Officer
Study Opportunities Graduate Admissions / Teaching Office
 Staff & Students Webmaster
Talks Webmaster
Undergraduate Courses Teaching Office
Vacancies Head of Department Office
Visitors Reception

Contact list for Group/Individuals

Responsible Staff or GroupContact Details (Append
Accounts Email: accounts@phy.
Administration Email: administration@phy.
CTA Computing Office Email: help@cta.phy.
Development Office Email: development@phy.
Graduate Admissions Email: admissions@phy.
Health & Safety Office Email: has@phy.
Head of Department's Office Email: hod@phy.
Head Chef Email: catering@phy.
Library Reception Email: librarian@phy.
Liquid Gasses Email: liquid.gases@phy.
Outreach Officer Email: outreach@phy.
Photographer Email: photography@phy.
MCS Admin Email: pwf-admin@phy.
Reception Email: reception@phy.
Stores Email: stores@phy.
Superintendent Email: superintendent@phy.
Teaching Office Email: teaching-office@phy.
Webmaster Email: webmaster@phy.
Workshop Manager Email: workshop-manager@phy.